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Product Description ANTHRACITE

The ultimate utility tool, PRO3 is the perfect companion any trade professional who’s working on anything, anywhere.

With the very latest technology inside, PRO3® can be used straight from the tube as an adhesive, sealant or filler with virtually any material.

Incredible initial grab strength with excellent sealant and gap filling properties means it can be used in almost any application imaginable.

As a high quality nail and screw replacement you can bond mirrors, fix natural stone counter tops. Make external roof and gutter repairs. Seal vertical expansion joints. Joint cladding panels and bond difficult materials such as specialised polymer systems, natural stones, metals, fibreglass and carbon fibre.

Thanks to low pick-ability you can even use PRO3® for jobs in high security areas like banks. Use it straight onto damp or wet surfaces and it will even dry whilst underwater!

Our crystal clear colour option dries completely invisible. With PRO3 crystal clear it’s possible to bond two pieces of glass together. When it’s dry you’ll see straight through it because it’s completely clear, just like glass.

Key Features
Amazing adhesive grab strength – securely bond heavy items.
Stick virtually anything to anything.
Will not stain materials
Will not corrode metals
Fast drying time – touch dry from just 12 minutes.
+/- 20% joint movement.
Resistant to weather, extreme temperatures, mould & chemicals.
Can be painted.
Low pick-ability – perfect for high security areas.
Does not contain solvents, isocyanates or phthalates.
CE certified & tested.
Available in custom colours.
Available in ECO-PAC packaging.


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