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Original scumble
colour with acrylic colourant
the only one hour working time glaze

A unique acrylic transparent glaze for decorative paint work. Unique in providing up to one hour working time.
Dries to a durable water resistant finish on a wide range of surfaces.

This interior or exterior glaze is the first water based product to reproduce faithfully the beauty of traditional oil finishes.

Colour with universal acrylic colourant to produce stunning decorative paint effects.


Ensure that Scumble is well mixed. Select base coat colour in vinyl silk emulsion/satin latex or acrylic semi gloss/eggshell.

Apply base coat and allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours with ventilation.

For maximum open time seal with Polyvine Decorators Varnish. Colour your Scumble with Polyvine Universal Acrylic Colourant, mixing thoroughly.

Brush or roller the coloured Scumble liberally over the base coat. Create the desired decorative effect by breaking the surface with a crumpled rag, bag, sponge or a Polyvine tool or brush.

Working time - the time that the glaze remains wet and able to create a pattern.

To obtain the maximum working time - up to an hour - apply Scumble liberally in cool conditions on a completely non-porous base coat. Thickness of Scumble, temperature and humidity affect the working time.

In temperatures above 21ºc/70ºf, or for longer working time, use Tropical Scumble. Low temperature or high humidity increases drying time. Air movement is essential for faster drying.

Coverage/thickness of Scumble will affect drying time.

Always test adhesion and the application of the effect on a trial area before starting.


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